We help renters discover the best places to live and work. Share your requirements, and we’ll recommend places matching your needs. If you already have a place and need a reliable platform to connect with your lister and pay your rent online. well you have dropped into a right place. GoodPlaces have diversified features to help renters.

  • Create a rental application

    Fill all the required information to complete your rental application.

  • Find Your Place

    Browse through thousands of rental listings on an assiduously curated marketplace.

  • Book appointment with lister

    Renter can schedule appointment with lister against the property.

  • Online lease management

    Accept, sign and upload lease agreement documents online without the need to meet your lister in-person.

  • Sponsor Payment

    Invite sponsors to manage your rent payments. A Sponsor will pay your rent on your behalf.

  • One-time or Recurring Payment

    Renters can select an option to pay their rent by One time or Recurring Payment methods.

  • Track Payments

    Track all your upcoming and past transaction seamlessly.

  • Credit Check

    Upload your credit report or submit a request to generate it.

  • Can send and receive messages

    Renter & lister can communicate through the GoodPlaces secured communication channel.

  • Property inspection

    With GoodPlaces you can request for property inspections and get the verification done against the property.

  • Flatmate

    Invite a flatmate and share your rent and major expense with him/her.

  • Pay through credit card or bank payment

    Employ online rent payments facility, so you never miss another deadline.

  • Split payment

    Pay your rent with credit card and bank account. Make one collective payment by using two payment methods simultaneously.

  • Rate lister

    Renter can rate the lister for the services he/she has rendered.