We help renters discover the best places to live and work. Tell us what you need and we’ll suggest places matching your requirements.

Already have a place? Pay your rent and deposits using a credit card or bank account.

GoodPlaces is jam-packed with helpful tools for renters.

  • Find Your Place

    Browse through thousands of rental listings on a beautifully curated marketplace. Looking for an office space, apartment, industrial building, parking spot or a student room? - we’ll help you find a place within your budget.

  • Pay Rent by Credit Card

    Pay recurring rent, deposits, move-in costs and other fees and charges with your credit card or bank account. Schedule recurring rent payments, so you never miss another deadline.

  • Split Payments

    Pay your rent with multiple cards and accounts. Simply choose how much to pay from each card and account and we’ll make one collective payment to your landlord.

  • Apply for Rentals on the Go

    Create and submit rental applications on the go. Easily share your references and credit history. Apply for multiple rentals with just one application.

  • Follow-Up Maintenance Requests Online

    Send maintenance requests including photos to your landlord and track progress on GoodPlaces.

  • Stay Updated

    Get notified about upcoming rent payments, lease renewals, reminders, updates on maintenance requests and much more.

  • Personalize Search

    Let us know your preferences and we will recommend you the best places.

  • Get Short-Term Credit and Loans

    Running short of funds? GoodPlaces can help. The more often you pay rent using GoodPlaces, the better your chances of securing a short term loan.

  • Sponsors from Anywhere

    Invite sponsors to manage your rent payments. Simply ask someone to pay your rent on GoodPlaces. Anyone can be a sponsor from parents to employers, anywhere in the world.

  • Accept Lease Agreements Online

    Accept, sign and upload lease agreement documents without the need to meet your landlord in-person.

  • Accounting & Reports

    A powerful cloud-based system with smart features like automated bank reconciliations, recurring invoicing, interactive reports and budgets to help you better manage your rent.