Advertise your commercial and residential listings to thousands of renters. GoodPlaces recommends renters based on a simple matching algorithm. You can also accept rent and other payments by credit card and manage your rentals in one place.

We’ll help landlords accomplish more, every day.

  • Advertise Your Commercial and Residential Listings

    Create beautiful listings for your rental. We’ll help you market your listings to thousands of renters and manage quality leads for you. Increase visibility for your listings and fill vacancies faster with GoodPlaces.

  • Save Time with Online Lease Agreements

    Create, sign and share lease agreements without the need to meet your renter in-person. Choose from a range of fully customizable and up-to-date templates for any type of lease agreement.

  • Screen and Accept Potential Renters

    No more paperwork! Accept and process rental applications online. We’ll recommend the best renters, based on your preferences. Screen renters effortlessly with comprehensive credit reports.

  • Accept Rent Payments Online

    Give your tenants the choice to pay through credit cards or bank accounts. Renters can choose to set a recurring rent plan, so their rents are paid automatically on a set date. Your renters will never miss another due date.

  • Keep Yourself Updated

    Get notified about upcoming rent payments, lease renewals, reminders, updates on maintenance requests and much more.

  • Manage Your Place

    Manage multiple properties from one easy-to-use dashboard.

    Keep track of rental applications, pending and upcoming payments, maintenance requests and more, all in one place.

    Our AI assistant will suggest steps to be followed after receiving a maintenance request to help you manage your rental.

  • Become Eligible for Credit and Loans

    Collect rent through GoodPlaces and become eligible for short-term loans.

  • Accounting & Reports

    A powerful cloud-based system with smart features like automated bank reconciliations, recurring invoicing, interactive reports and budgets to help you better manage your rental.

  • Insure Your Place

    Get your property insured online against unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, fires and other insurable risks. Landlord insurance will be available for residential, portfolio and commercial landlords.